Camouflage Sleeping Bag Onesie – Which One is Best?

Selkbag Camouflage Sleeping Bag Onesie with Removable BootiesIf you like camo and are looking for a wearable sleeping bag, you’re in luck. I found 3 different versions of the camouflage sleeping bag onesie!

1. Selk’bag Realtree Camouflage Sleeping Bag Onesie

First of all, Selk’bag makes a hunting style sleeping bag with legs in Realtree Xtra camo.

It has the same fit as the original Selk’bag except for a few key differences:

1. The onesie has a “quiet” microfiber outer shell.

2. It has a more durable and weather resistant finish.

3. The Realtree pattern lets you hide easily amongst the trees. =)

Just like their original design, the Realtree Xtra comes with removable booties and vents in the legs and chest that you can unzip. Therefore, you can easily control the warmth of your outfit. I mean, why take off your pants when you can just unzip the leg, right?

Then, at night, just pull your hands into the sleeves, zip on your booties and pull your hood up. You are ready for bed in a mummy-style sleeper without ever having to change into your pajamas. Every outfit should be like this!

Realtree Selk’bag Sleeping Bag Onesie Specs:

2. Shaggy Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag

Poler Sleeveless Shaggy Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag with FurThe second camouflage sleeping bag onesie is the
Poler Men’s the Shaggy Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag

Unlike the Selk’bag above, the Napsack does not have sleeves or legs. Instead, it has zippered openings at the shoulders and an open bottom.

Although this version does not provide the same level of insulation as one with legs and sleeves, it comes with a few advantages.

First of all, it’s not as bulky because it has less fabric. If the weather is moderate, it can be nice to go sleeveless.

Second, it wears more like a long jacket than a onesie, which some people like. In fact, you can even hike it up shorter and cinch the bottom drawstring around your waist.

Third, the interior is lined with fur. Thus, the name, “Shaggy”.

And fourth, you get 2 front snapped pockets to keep your hands warm when you’re outdoors.

Shaggy Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag Specs:

Poler Classic lLeeping Bag Onesie for Men

Poler Men’s Classic Napsack Onesie

Last, we’ve got the Poler Men’s Classic Napsack.

This one pretty much has the same features as the Shaggy, except for no fur. These 2 Poler wearable sleeping bags I think are best for daytime activewear. However, if you want an outfit that’s warm to sleep in, choose the Selkbag.

Classic Napsack Specs:

The price for all 3 is approximately the same, so the best onesie for you will depend on the style you like. And, of course, which camo pattern you like best and whether or not you want that fur…