Wearable Sleeping Bag Reviews & Comparison Chart

Compare sleeping bags (with legs) before you buy! Use the sleeping bag onesie comparison chart to view prices, ratings, special features as well as product reviews.

Sleeping Bag Onesie:

Rating 1-5 Price (approx) Shell Material Sleeves Color Temp Rating Washable Special Features


Selk'bag Sleeping Bag Onesie

4.5 $169-275 100% Polyester Sleeves Black, Yellow, Blue, Purple or Green 6°F or 37°F Hand Wash, Tumble Dry on Low/Hang Dry

2 different versions (one rated for colder temps). 6°F version also features leg vents and hand pockets. Plus, booties can unzip & detach. See full Selk’bag review

Star Wars Sleeping Bag Onesie

Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bag Reviews

4.5 $105-205 100% Polyester Sleeves Brown, White, Black or Orange 40°F Hand Wash, Tumble Dry on Low/Hang Dry Choose from Chewbacca, Dark Vader, Storm Trooper or Rebel Pilot. Virtually same construction as Selk’bag above except for elastic hand openings (made by Selk’bag). Plus, booties can unzip & detach. Also see complete Star Wars Sleeping Bag reviews.

Camouflage Sleeping Bag Onesie

Camouflage Sleeping Bag Onesie

3.9 $129-185 Polyester/Microfiber Sleeves Realtree Xtra Camo 48°F Hand Wash, Tumble Dry on Low/Hang Dry Microfiber makes onesie quieter when moving. Similar construction as Selk’bags above, elastic hand openings, plus removable booties. Also see full Camo Onesie review here

Sleeping Bag with Arm Holes

Wearable Lightweight Sleeping Bag with Arm Holes and Hood

4.6 $30-$40 210T Polyester Sleeveless Blue 20 °F Machine Washable This “sleeveless” sleeper is also easy to wear over clothing, lightweight with less insulation. Plus, it has handy front pockets for hands and small items.

Wearable Sleeping Bag for Kids

Wearable Sleeping Bag for Kids

4.8 $65-70 190T Polyester Sleeves or Sleeveless Red (Blue for Adults) 37.4 °F to 46.4 °F Washable in front loading machine. Sleeves, booties & hands also unzip. Plus, jumpsuit has convenient interior pockets for small items. See complete review of KingCamp for Kids/Adults

Bear Sleeping Bag/Stuffed Animal

Adult Bear Sleeping Bag + Stuffed Animal

4.8 $120-180 Polyester Fur Sleeves Brown, Black or White/Black Indoor use only Machine Washable Can wear as a sleeping bag, onesie, backpack or costume. Plus, it becomes a giant teddy bear when you’re not wearing it. Bear Sleeping Bag Reviews


How to Compare These Wearable Sleeping Bag Reviews:

First of all, you’ll notice that most sleeping bag onesies have very similar characteristics. Second, the main differences include whether or not they have sleeves and legs, plus the fabric.

Therefore, think about what activities you will use your wearable sleeping bag for. For example, check out these ideas.

1. Wearable Sleeping Bag for Indoors or Outside?

People Camping and Wearing the Selk'bag Sleeping Bag OnesieWill you use your sleeper mostly outside or indoors? Highly-insulated sleeping bags tend to get uncomfortably warm indoors, however, they feel very cozy outdoors.

Alternatively, heavier sleepers can often be worn year-round outdoors. Plus, many offer “venting” through their zippered openings.

2. Will You Sleep in Your Onesie?

Do you want to sleep in it, or simply wear it to keep warm? In other words, do you like to sleep in a mummy-style sleeping bag with arms and legs together, or do you care?

3. Sleeping Bag Onesie for “Activewear”?

How active will you be while wearing your sleeping bag onesie? This may determine whether or not you want sleeves, because sleeveless onesies offer your arms more freedom of movement.

For example, you want want a warm onesie to wear around the house as a lounger. In fact, you may never plan on sleeping in it. Hence, you might prefer the one that gives you the most mobility.

4. Do You Need a Warm Halloween Costume?

Sleeping bag onesies can double as Halloween costumes, too. For example, pick your favorite Star Wars character or Superhero.

Not to mention, if you need a last-minute costume, just dress up as a sleeping bag. Plus, you won’t have to wear a jacket over your costume while you’re out trick-or-treating!